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Volkswagen Recall Department in Frisco, TX

If your vehicle is involved in a recall campaign, come into Hendrick Volkswagen of Frisco for a full range of certified recall services.

Volkswagen Recall Department in Frisco, TX

A lot of people don’t know it, but there are many recalls out for many different types of cars. These recalls generally require some maintenance and a replacement or two, but they’re still serious business. When your vehicle has a recall out on it, you want to get the problem fixed right away, and at Hendrick Volkswagen Frisco, we want to be the ones to fix it. Most recalls can be fixed for free at any certified Volkswagen service center, and we’re the certified service center for you.

VW Recall Department

Volskwagen Recall Services

Fixing Recalls Is the Safe Choice

Since we fix recalls for free, you might be thinking “why advertise a free service?” To put it simply, we care about your safety. There’s no gimmick involved, we genuinely want all drivers to be safe, and since we’re a part of this community, we want to be proactive about doing our part. A recall means that the defective part lowers a car’s safety to an unacceptable level, and so you and the loved ones that drive with you could be at high risk of injury or worse.

How Recalls Are Issued

A Volkswagen recall can come from one of two places, and the first is Volkswagen themselves. This is a proactive recall, where Volkswagen has realized that a part is defective and just wants to get it fixed before that defect becomes a major problem. The second place a recall can come from is from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), who receive reports of defective parts and identify defects that take a car to below the minimum standard of safety. Both types of recalls are the kind of thing you want to be fixed sooner rather than later.

Certified Technicians Make Your Recall Service Better

Our certified technicians will treat your recall with the seriousness it deserves and will be respectful of you and your car. Their combined education, training, and experience mean that they know your car inside and out, and they’ll find the part that’s been recalled and make sure it’s replaced and won’t endanger you or anyone else. They’ll also perform a complimentary multi-point inspection, so you can know if any other parts of your car need service soon.

Visit Hendrick Volkswagen Frisco to Fix Your Recalls

We’re eager to provide you with this free service, because we’re eager to keep you safe and also show you our high-quality care at the same time. We have courtesy loaners available if you need to be elsewhere, and we have free Wi-Fi and a children’s play area if you want to stay and relax in our comfortable waiting area. Set up your appointment online today!

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