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Volkswagen Brake Services in Frisco, TX

Your brakes are crucial for slowing you down safely. Stop by our service center for certified brake service today!

Certified Volkswagen Brake Service in Frisco, TX

Brake service is critical to preserving your Volkswagen’s performance throughout your many years of ownership and keeping you and your passengers safe throughout your travels. Poorly-maintained brakes leave you vulnerable to close calls and potentially collisions due to decreases in your braking power. Avoid those close calls and collisions by scheduling brake services with Hendrick Volkswagen Frisco. The certified technicians in our Frisco, TX Volkswagen service department will replace any worn-out brake parts or fluid using genuine OEM parts and products, and your brakes will be restored to full power before you know it.


Brake Services

  • Brake Fluid Exchange – Brake fluid transfers and amplifies the force of your foot on the brakes to the calipers; as a hygroscopic fluid, it will absorb moisture and eventually need to be replaced as it becomes less effective.

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  • Brake Pad Replacement – The front and rear brake pads consist of a metal backing and a softer brake lining that is designed to wear down; when this lining gets thin, it’s time to have your brake pads replaced.

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  • Rotor Resurfacing or Replacement – The brake rotors may become glazed or warped well before they wear out; we can resurface the rotors, smoothing their surface to help you avoid paying for entirely new parts before it’s necessary.

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  • Caliper Service – The brake calipers squeeze together to push the brake pads against the brake rotors, and they will regularly need to be cleaned, lubricated, and inspected to ensure that they are providing the necessary precision.

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VW Brake Services

Start by Scheduling a Brake Inspection

Brake inspections are a great way for our customers to let a certified Volkswagen technician go over their entire braking system, and check for any obvious defects or damage. The well-trained eyes of our Volkswagen service professionals are the best in the business at identifying issues that uncertified mechanics frequently miss, and only use genuine OEM parts for any necessary replacements.

Home / Office Pick-Up and Delivery for Your Volkswagen Brake System Service

If you can’t find the time to come to us, let the certified technicians at Hendrick Volkswagen Frisco come to you! Our service professionals will pick your car up from your home or office, bring it to our Frisco, TX service center for maintenance, and return it to you at an agreed-upon location. Save on time and stress by scheduling your brake services online with home / office pick-up and delivery at Hendrick Volkswagen Frisco.

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